Imagine The Artist Formerly Known As Cat Stevens

Imagine The Artist Formerly Known As Cat Stevens

This film tells the story of Yusuf Islam from the beginning through to today. The conversations with Alan Yentob form the spine of the film: Alan discusess with Yusuf his whole music career, and his decision to give it all up. Also, his spiritual leanings which blossomed into his deep Muslim faith, what it means to be a Muslim in Britain today, and his decision to return in 2006 to recording the kind of music he made at the height of his world fame. The film also covers the decision of the US authorities to prevent Yusuf from entering America and his deportation, followed the following week by him being presented with the European Peace Prize two weeks later for his good work in the field of education.

We also see Yusuf at work in the Muslim school which he founded, funded by his royalties, and in the recording studio as he works on the new album he released in the summer of 2006.

The film features interviews from other artists who have loved Cat Stevens’ music, and includes archive performance of many of the most famous Cat Stevens songs. Yusuf also plays a few songs old and new specially for the film.

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